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What is assisted publishing?

Assisted publishing is all the convenience and professionalism of a traditional publishing house combined with the freedom of self publishing. We're here to offer as much support as you like, but you maintain all the rights (and profits) of your work after you're out there for the world to see. 

What does AspenHouse mean?

AspenHouse is a play on the phrase tree house. It's important to us here that we keep a playful attitude and that keeps the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved. We also chose aspens because they grow in groves, each supporting each other in their work while maintaining their individuality. 

What does a coordinator do, exactly?

A coordinator is there to help guide you, the author, through the journey to becoming published. The coordinators know the ins and outs of how AspenHouse runs, and who best to suits your work for each phase of the process. They'll be your point of contact throughout your journey, often doubling as editor or other roles. Finding a coordinator is a great way to begin the process of publishing your novel with AspenHosue. 

What's next for AspenHouse Publishing?

Here's a little secret: we don't just want to see your book published. We want to see it succeed! We are working on developing a variety of marketing strategies, and would love your input and ideas to help your unique novel stand out in the marketplace.

Our biggest plan in the works is to provide a new, unique service of converting your work to audio book format. This opens up a whole new audience to you the author and allows you to tap into a rapidly growing market.

is there a kind of novel AspenHouse won't work with?

Because AspenHouse is an assisted publishing company, we'll work with nearly every genre you bring to us. The standards we do have in place are to protect our team members, and are pretty standard industry-wide.

We do leave agreeing to work on the project up to each team member it is offered to, so just because one person isn't inclined to work with your project doesn't mean no one will. Your coordinator can help you pick the right team member for that. 

That being said, there are a few few topics we as a company avoid. Those include things such as child pornography or "How To" novels for topics like joining ISIS or building a bomb. If you have a question, feel free to ask a team member

What if my novel isn't completed yet?

That's okay! 

We're here to help authors succeed in every step of the process. While our services are directed at those ready to publish their works, we still welcome you to make contact and get a coordinator. If you would like, your coordinator can be there to answer questions in the writing process and even offer encouragement along the way.

How do I get from having a document on my computer to earning money?

That's what we're here for. The first step would be to pick a coordinator, then check out our services. If you have some of the pieces we offer - such as a cover already designed or having had your manuscript edited elsewhere - then you can pick and choose which services we offer and leave the rest.

How long should my novel be?

A great question! just asking lets us know that you're well on your way to becoming a professional author.

While there is no set requirement for the length of any novel, there are some industry standards we suggest you go  by. (they are measured in word count, as page formatting changes from author to author. If you're confused, we suggest you ask an editor.

Here are some suggestions:

Middle grade - 40,000 words

Young adult - 60,000 words

Western - 65,000 words

Memoir - 80,000 words

Mystery - 80,000 words

General fiction - 80,000 words

Commercial/Literary - 90,000

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - 105,000 words

Non-fiction - Varies (Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting)



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